Rut Elisa Echevarría

Over the Hill Health Coach

Creating connection with your body and mind

I work with women who struggle with self-image and eating habits and want to level up. Break bad habits and bring to the table the best version of themselves.

My Story

Noticing the negative aspects of my health, I chose to take action in order to control and change my eating habits by taking a Health Coach course. After a while, I realized that changing my eating habits didn’t guarantee complete health. The truth is, that after battling situations that I didn’t understand in my personal life, the ones that had me stuck and didn’t allow me to accomplish my dreams, I realized that I had limiting beliefs and unresolved issues from my childhood.

I began my journey towards self- healing at the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute, where the real inner transformation started. With a lot of introspective and confronting work, I could finally understand how unresolved issues influenced my behavior and beliefs as an adult. It wasn’t until I healed and reprogramed my way of thinking that I understood the true meaning of health. A true state of health begins in your mind, with your beliefs, and how emotionally healthy you are. If you aren’t healed emotionally, you will never be able to be completely healthy, despite how nutritious your eating habits are.


Certified as a Health and Life Coach at the Health Coach Institute (2018).

Licensed masters in Clinical Social Work from Pontificia Catholic University of Puerto Rico (2004)

My Approach

My process and life experiences have inspired me to help transform women that have gone through similar situations. Maybe you feel identified, maybe you have had your battles with eating habits and self image. My compromise is to help you reach the goals you always dreamed of but haven’t accomplished yet. The best sensation is when you conquer your dreams, your fears, and beliefs that have kept us stuck, becoming barriers to personal fullness and realization.

Allow me to be your guide, coach, and mentor on your way to the top,

Rut Elisa


To work with women in situations of poor self image and inadequate eating habits, which could pose as an obstacle for optimal execution within your emotional and healthy state.
Women that wish to reach their internal potential and conquer the best version of themselves in order to reach the top of personal, emotional, and physical realization.


Services will be provided through Metamorphosis School of life.

Our focus is to be a pioneering school in serving and transforming women through access of a certified coach, offering holistic and therapeutic services.
We are a school of training and professional services directed towards transforming and empowering women with self image and inadequate eating problems.
We focus in social, emotional, and physical areas, developing a model of three phases that will integrate reprograming, education, and therapy.

It will consist of three parts, with a duration of three months per phase:

Phase I

Emotional or Beliefs

Phase II

Eating and Health

Phase III

External Conquer and knowledge
All the phases will be based on habit reprograming and limiting beliefs designed for personal, emotional, and physical transformation.


With the principal purpose of healing women, who will be empowered in an integral way. We count on an educative online system and in distance, prepared and directed to impact women’s health.
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